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Initial Supply


  • Starting Supply: 1,300,000 POLYCUB
    • 1,000,000 POLYCUB Airdropped Over a 2 Month Period to CUB Stakeholders (Our BSC Platform)
    • 200,000 POLYCUB For Developer Fund (Locked in a 6 Month Drip Smart Contract)
    • 50,000 POLYCUB For Initial POLYCUB-USDC Liquidity Pool
    • 50,000 POLYCUB For Initial POLYCUB-USDC Liquidity Pool
    • No Presale!
  • Starting Price: $1 USD
  • Starting Liquidity: $200,000 USD
    • POLYCUB-USDC and POLYCUB-WETH pools will have a starting price of $1 USD per POLYCUB ($100,000 USD in value per pool)
  • Max Supply: 26,000,000 POLYCUB
    • The max supply is set to 26,000,000 which is simply a hard cap on the POLYCUB tokens that can ever exist. The actual max supply is governed by the emissions rate which has POLYCUB's max supply around 7,200,000 that will ever exist. We designed POLYCUB to have all of the hyper-deflationary aspects of BTC with all of the benefits and features of DeFi Yield Optimization
  • Protocol Controlled Value: Built From 10% Management Fees on Kingdoms, Our Multi-Token Bridge, a Built-In Arbitrage Bot and Collateralized Lending
    • The PolyCUB treasury is built autonomously via the mechanisms outlined above. This treasury will LP assets and capture value to POLYCUB by using the yield it generates to buy POLYCUB and redistribute as long-term staking incentives.