Token Supply & Emission

PolyCUB (POLYCUB) is the native token for the PolyCUB yield platform. Users can earn POLYCUB by participating in any of the Farms, Kingdom vaults or by staking xPOLYCUB to earn the 50% fee penalty generated by other farmers who harvest their yield before the 30 day locking period.

Proven Tokenomics for a Proven Community

Just as our community has existed for many years and proven itself as one of the most ambitious, organized and diamond-pawed groups in the crypto space, so too do our tokenomics derive from proven mechanics and existing platforms that operate in this space.
PolyCUB borrows the essential aspects of 4 major platforms in DeFi:
  1. 1.
    Sushiswap (xSUSHI staking contract = xPOLYCUB staking contract)
  2. 2.
    Adamant Finance (50% early harvest penalty paid back to xPOLYCUB stakers)
  3. 3.
    Autofarm (Cross-composable yield farming contracts that generate yield in 3 ways: normal LP trading fees, base platform yield and POLYCUB yield)
  4. 4.
    Curve (vexPOLYCUB Governance Voting)
The xPOLYCUB staking mechanism allows any user to buy and stake POLYCUB and earn a % of the yield generated by all other farmers on the platform who may decide to claim their harvests before the 30 day unlock period is over.
This encourages yield farmers to hodl their harvests and wait to claim until the staking periods is over.
Simultaneously, it creates an interesting game theory for all users: many farmers will likely claim their harvests early for various reasons. For example, they might need liquidity fast for an opportunity, believe something is going to change quickly in the market, etc.
With this knowledge, other users/farmers will buy and stake POLYCUB into xPOLYCUB to leverage up and earn this 50% fee in addition to the base APY from emissions of new POLYCUB tokens that is paid out to xPOLYCUB Stakers.

Less Than 7,200,000 POLYCUB Will Ever Exist

There is a hard cap of 26,000,000 POLYCUB but if you run the math on the emissions rate on POLYCUB, the real cap of POLYCUB is 7,200,000.
POLYCUB is designed to be an extremely limited, highly desirable yield optimization token with deep utility that is derived from Governance voting on yield dynamics and xPOLYCUB Collateralized Lending.