Long-Term xPOLYCUB Staking - Fulfilling the Dream of Secure, Reliable and Growing Yield
vexPOLYCUB is one of our newest features that is set to launch in 2022. This feature will allow anyone to stake their xPOLYCUB into a long-term contract and receive vexPOLYCUB to represent their position.
vexPOLYCUB has some interesting features. In exchange for locking your xPOLYCUB for 2 years, you receive 3x Governance Power in the xPOLYCUB DAO.
For example, a user who holds 100 xPOLYCUB has 100 Governance Power in the DAO.
A second user stakes their 100 xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB and now has 300 Governance Power but has to wait 2 years for their xPOLYCUB to vest and unstake it.

Long-Term Value Accrual

The entire PolyCUB economy is centered around this idea of long-term value accrual. In our mission to build secure, reliable and growing yield, having long-term dynamics of staking and utility for the POLYCUB native asset is our paramount focus.
When users stake POLYCUB into xPOLYCUB, they are signaling their belief in the platform and desire to participate in governance while earning yield on their POLYCUB.
When users stake xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB, they are signaling a much higher degree of belief in the platform, desire to participate in governance and yield generation on their stake.

Skin in the Game

Governance is designed to give the largest degree of power to those who have the most skin in the game. By locking your xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB, you're signaling that you have now locked your xPOLYCUB stake for 2 years - giving you much more skin in the game than someone who locks their POLYCUB to xPOLYCUB and keeps it liquid.

Governance Utility

As of this writing (Last Updated: June 21st), the utility dynamics of Governance have given so much value to POLYCUB. Finally, there is a reason to actually buy and hold more POLYCUB. A desire to have more control is an incredibly important feature in the DAO-based Economy.
vexPOLYCUB will further change those dynamics. It will allow smaller stakeholders to have an amplified voice in what happens on the platform as compared to some whales who may keep their xPOLYCUB liquid.
1x Governance Power and instant liquidity or 3x Governance Power and increased skin in the game.
The xPOLYCUB DAO Wars are beginning to get interesting.