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pHIVE is our latest branch from Hive to the Polygon Blockchain. pHIVE is the wrapped version of HIVE and is 1:1 backed by native HIVE on the Hive blockchain

Why pHIVE?

Bridging ecosystems together accomplishes two major things:
  1. 1.
    For PolyCUB, it generates massive Value Accrual through the DAO-operated bridge
  2. 2.
    For Hive, it creates an onramp and offramp for users to flow in and out of the ecosystem. Yet another exchange listing on a decentralized exchange (Sushiswap) where users can freely transact and provide liquidity to earn yield in the form of POLYCUB
Creating a deep pHBD and pHIVE pool is one of our core focuses right now. After launching pHBD, we realized that there is massive value for the Polycub Protocol if we allow our multi-token bridge thesis to play out. pHBD generates a ton of wrapping fees, arbitrage revenue and overall value accrual for the PolyCub protocol. In exchange for this value accrual, PolyCUB protocol pays POLYCUB to all liquidity providers on
pHIVE works exactly the same.

The V2 Vault Directive for PolyCUB

After the successful launch of pHBD, we realized that a new direction for PolyCUB could create massive value accrual for the PolyCUB protocol owned liquidity.
This new direction entails:
  1. 1.
    Releasing the multi-token bridge protocol
  2. 2.
    Releasing an entirely new set of V2 vaults

pHBD & pHIVE: The First V2 Vaults Are Deployed!

With pHBD and pHIVE, we released the first V2 vaults. These vaults accrue value in 5 ways for PolyCUB PoL and they generate massive value for the platform every single day.
Learn more about PolyCUB's new Multi-Token Bridge future:

Contract Addresses:

  • pHIVE Token: 0x456320e9b87a7c84a53b8ab300067f3a29aab301
  • pHIVE-POLYCUB Sushiswap LP Token: 0x29f13baded9ade12acc4069a8ffeef95146b8bc9
  • pHIVE-POLYCUB Vault: 0x29f13baded9ade12acc4069a8ffeef95146b8bc9